Chakra Alignment

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Chakra balancing is used to enable the individual to maintain equilibrium in the chakras. Chakras are energy points in specific areas of the body that when in balance enable the individual be positive and energetic in their approach to life. There are many reasons that chakras can become imbalanced, such as lifestyle, diet, stress, and bereavement. As a result, the effects of these situations can be that stagnant energy becomes stored in these chakras which manifest in feelings of uneasiness and even illnesses. This therapy helps to restore harmony in the chakras so that client feels inner peace stronger and more able to ward off lower energies. In a chakra balance the client has an initial ten minute consultation to discuss the areas that need to be attended to and what the client should expect during and after the session. More than one session may be required depending on individual circumstances.

The seven major chakra system is situated up and down a vertical column known as the sushma.These chakras spin with intense colour and energy, filling and revitializing the entire auric field.
An imbalance in one chakra can lead to an imbalance in all the chakras. Leaving us in a state of dis-ease..
The seven primary power centres aligned throughout the human body which are identical to a wheel or spinning disc.
If one wheel is rotating either too fast or too slow compared to the rest, this can affect all the wheels. This causes the whole system being in a state of imbalance. To regain a balance they need to be realigned to support the correct functioning of the chakras.During this process the body’s energy field is balanced & strengthened on a physical and non physical level.
Location of the seven main chakras and colours

Red -Root chakra – Base of the spine
Orange-Sacral chakra- Lower abdomen to navel

Yellow- solar plexus chakra – Above the navel

Green heart chakra- Centre of the chest

Blue throat chakra- Throat and neck region

Indigo/ violet- (Brow third eye chakra)-centre of forehead

Violet/white – Crown chakra – top of the head

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