Crystal Healing Information

Crystals are highly vibrational which work very well in raising our vibration and frequency.
They have a natural ability to heal ailments that we are currently suffering from through the medicinal properties they hold.
Crystals help us on all levels mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.
During the times we have health issues crystals can help heal diseases we are suffering from.
The high vibrational energy which flows through the crystal helps us to clear negative emotions as well as pain.
All crystals have different properties and help different conditions and health disorders.
For example rose quartz can assist in emotions feelings of love and loss.
Amethyst can help with sleep disorders.
These are a few examples how crystals can help.

However there are many other ways they also help when we are suffering from pain in our body such as arthritis, stomach disorders, depression, backache and many more conditions.

Crystals help heal these conditions without any side effects and assist in detoxing the body naturally.

During a crystal healing session you will have a ten minute consultation followed by a 45 minute healing session.
You will be requested to remove your shoes during the session duration.