Crystal Information

Citrine has numerous healing benefits and can help boost confidence levels, alignment, stability, comfort, abundance, protection, health, wealth, happiness, success, spiritual growth and joyfulness.

Haematite Grounds Assists with self esteem, reduces inflammation supports the blood and circulatory system

Amethyst Assists in self control, Aids peace and tranquillity and helps with insomnia
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Quartz cleansing brings calmness, Clears blockages

Malachite Although Malachite has many benefits here are a few; *Arthritis *Low self esteem and confidence. *Inflammatory Disease. *Digestion, stomach and colon function.
Tigers eye Protection against evil eye Helps build confidence

Turquoise-The stone enhances creative expression, peace of mind, communication, friendship and loyalty. Turquoise, will bring the wearer the above as well a stronger connection and heightened awareness with the higher force.
Lapiz lazuli The healing benefits of Lapiz Lazuli are many. Mentioned here are just a few: *Connected with justice, balance and truth. *Assists in meditation * Throat Chakra